Workbook 600

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NANAME KIKAKU’s workbooks are produced based on past question trends and the results of our own surveys of examinees. The number of questions is kept to a minimum so that students can solve them over and over again without increasing the number of questions. The feature of this question booklet is that you can acquire knowledge efficiently in your spare time from work and maximize the effect.

3 Features

1) Analysis of the past 5 years

The minimum number of questions is 600, based on an analysis of the past exam questions in 2017 and the results of an independent survey of exam takers in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

2)Prioritization by importance

The importance of the questions is ranked into five levels according to the number of times the question has appeared in the past. Priority will be given to solving the questions with the highest number of stars (★), so that you will be able to answer all starred questions correctly by the examination date. We also have original questions to cover the textbook.

3)Relevant pages of the textbooks are annexed to the answers

This workbook does not include explanations. Instead, the page numbers of the textbook related to the questions are listed next to the answers. The workbook is only a sub-tool to help you understand the textbook. If you answer a question incorrectly, be sure to check the correct answer in the textbook.

Product Contents

This product includes the following three items

  1. Main body of workbook
  2. List of Answers (with related text page)
  3. Answer sheet
Download Trial Version

Click on the following button to download a trial version of the workbook. The trial version contains the first 20 questions. Please be sure to check the trial version and make sure you are satisfied before purchasing.

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For FY2023, we offer two versions: a PDF version (data delivery) and a bound version. If you do not have a printer at home or a convenience store nearby, please purchase the bound version.

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Please be sure to check before applying
  • This product is based on the responses to a questionnaire from those who passed the first examination in 2022, and is not a collection of predictive questions for the 2023 examination.
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