NANAME KIKAKU started its activities in 2019. Our main activity is to provide support to examinees for the SAKE DIPLOMA certification examination sponsored by the Japan Sommelier Association. We have developed and sold original teaching materials based on our own research of past examinees, and from 2020 we will be selling Kindle versions of the materials on Amazon, as well as English versions of the materials for SAKE DIPLOMA International examinees overseas. Through the development of SAKE DIPLOMA materials, we hope to continue to deepen our relationship with sake fans around the world.

Management Policy

NANAME KIKAKU works to achieve the following three goals

Helping Liquor Professionals Learn about Sake

Satisfy the intellectual curiosity of sake lovers

Raise the profile of SAKE DIPLOMA

Representative Profile

Yasuyuki Ito / Lives and works in Kyoto City. Certified SAKE DIPLOMA by the Japan Sommelier Association (Passed in 2018/No.2153). After graduating from university, I joined a major human resources company, where I worked for about 10 years in recruitment branding and creative direction in the areas of new graduates and mid-career recruitment for client companies. In order to be able to enjoy drinking alcohol forever, I am working hard to keep myself in good health by aiming to complete a full marathon once a year.