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NANAME KIKAKU sells books for the SAKE DIPLOMA exam preparation on Amazon’s Kindle e-book service. We offer our books at a more affordable price than our regular materials. All books are also eligible for Kindle Unlimited, an unlimited reading service. Please search for “SAKE DIPLOMA” on Amazon if you wish to purchase.

SAKE QUIZ 250 – English Edition –

This book is a selection of 250 questions from the 600 Preparedness Questions and Answers book, which was prepared based on the results of our own survey of those who passed the first round of the 2022 J.S.A SAKE DIPLOMA certification exam.Therefore, it can also be used as a preparation tool for the 2023 J.S.A SAKE DIPLOMA International certification exam. It is also suitable for sake lovers who want to gain more knowledge about sake. All questions are explained.

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